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It's morning already?

Barry and I did something we haven't done for at least a year last nite: we stayed up til after 5 am. It was odd setting my alarm for 11:00 but I knew that if I didn't I'd be in some trouble with my bod when it came time to go to bed tonite. I'm letting him sleep in today since he requires a great deal more beauty sleep than I do. *grin* My adorable little wifey.

We ended up at Jules' birthday party last nite which was a smallish group but definitely a fun one. It was crazy odd being back in the 817 but fun in an old-home kinda way. Many brain cells died honorable battle deaths last nite and should already be drinking a toast in Valhalla this morning. :) Since it had been about two weeks since I'd gone out, I was long overdue for the outing. Jules seemed to have a wonderful celebration and that's the most important thing for sure!

I'm planning a very laid back day today filled mostly with much tv watching, some laundry and possibly some errands mixed in…

Still sniffly, icky poo!

I sure do wish that this silly sinus infection or allergy attack or whatever the hell it is would go away! I really can't figure it cuz some days the cold meds work for the symptoms and some days the allergy meds work. I know that either way I thought I was literally going to drown in snot all day yesterday, and I ended up doing the dreaded salt water sinus rinse last night. It helped and along with some allergy meds, some nasal spray and some Nyquil I managed to get a full 8 hours of sleep last night. Of course, now that I'm upright this morning I can feel the congestion coming back...kill me please! My poor nose is all red from having blown it constantly for the last several days but at least I've got the tissue with the lotion in it so it's not as bad as it could be. There's something to be grateful for! :)

On the job front, since it's month-end I don't expect to hear anything back from my interviews until next week. I'm planning Tuesday follow up ph…

I don't feel so hot :-(

I think that going to Dad's during the weekend of a cold front was probably not my brightest choice as far as my health is concerned. I woke up yesterday morning with the sniffles and by last night was feeling positively congested. As of this morning I feel like complete crap, can't breathe and didn't sleep worth a damn (in spite of the Nyquil). *sigh* If I don't get to feeling better by tomorrow there's absolutely no way I'm going out tomorrow night which will make me sad. I've got to get better!

Good things did happen for me yesterday though, I've got an interview at still another lender next Wednesday morning, yay! I also got a call from my buddy Billy's company yesterday, but the position is in a call center and I just couldn't even consider it. Anyone else remember how psychotic I became when I was doing that for a living? *shudder* Yikes.

Barry's first day at his new job was yesterday and he's sooooooooooo excited about it! He actu…

Ahhhh, work outside the house...

...and money coming in, woohoo! It's not as much as I wanted to make for temp work but at least it's at a title company so it's still industry-related experience. I'm doing shipping work right now (icky poo) but talked to the boss lady today and she said she can keep me busy through the end of the month doing a variety of things there. Too bad I'm not a notary cuz I think they'd be sending me in to closings...maybe I'll look into that, it's a thing I should probably have in my industry anyway.

My visit to Dad was *great* but too short. It was fun getting to show off the wedding pix to my Missouri family...they really don't get me at all but are constantly amused at my wierdness. And it's funny too since they met Barry when he had his long hair, they didn't recognize him in the pix. LOL! The best part tho was hanging out with the old man, smoking cigs and watching TV. We watched quite a bit of Law and Order while I was up there which, everyon…

Woohoo, I got a temp job!

So I'm off to a temp gig doing data entry at a title company in Plano. It's not as much money as I wanted to make, but still better than nothing. I'll be working there thru the end of the week, yay!

Will update more on the weekend later...

Yay! Positive forward movement! :)

This faith thing seems to be working out for me because I actually had an upswing to my job hunt yesterday. I went to the temp agency that offers the free certifications and got my Word Specialist certification...only 4 more programs in the Office suite to go! I found a temp agency that actually *has* some assignments they can use me on (thanks for the tip, Nancy!) and I'm getting signed up with them this afternoon. Hopefully I'll have an office to report to come Monday morning, yay! Money coming into the house and a purpose for my day...this makes me happy. I have a phone interview on Monday with yet another mortgage company and should be hearing something back on an interview I had in Lewisville a couple of weeks ago Monday too. Shweet!

I forced myself out of the house on Wednesday to run errands and tan (which was SO nice!) and we ended up the evening at the cell phone store. We upgraded my phone, added Barry to my plan, and switched to Cingular (since they just merged with…

Still no temp assignment :-(

I'm fighting myself not to get discouraged because I haven't made any money in 2.5 weeks now. You know what they say about hindsight and I'm thinking I should have started with the temp agencies that first week...okay but I'll shoot myself in the foot if I get to beating myself up over it. I've had several successful interviews and that's a good and happy thing. I also have some more interviews coming up that I'm hopeful about. I spent all day yesterday working on MS certification training/testing and made some real headway. Really there's no reason for me to feel this way because I'm certainly doing everything I can and am having quite a bit of luck. I guess I just hate waiting...teehee, I'm such a Veruca Salt (I want it NOW!), LOL! I desperately need to get out of the house today, I think that's a big part of it right there. Think I'll run some errands and treat myself to a tanning session which I haven't done since summer. :)


Things Cats Must Remember (ok. . . things we would like cats to remember)

Thanks to Shelly for this in my inbox this morning...had to share! :)
Screaming at the can of food will not make it open itself.I should not assume the patio door is open when I race outside to chase leaves.If I play "dead cat on the stairs" while people are trying to bring in groceries or laundry, one of these days it will really come true.If I put a live mouse in my food bowl, I should not expect it to stay there until I get hungry.The guinea pig likes to sleep once in a while. I will not watch him constantly.If I bite the cactus, it will bite back.I will not stand on the bathroom counter, stare down the hall, and growl at nothing right after my human has finished watching "The X-Files."My human is capable of cooking bacon and eggs without my help.Television and computer screens do not exist to backlight my lovely tail.No matter how dangly and attractive they are, my human's earrings are not cat toys.The canned cat food is already dead. I do not need to kill …

Just another manic Monday

It's been a couple of days so I thought I'd better post here since obviously something has happened in my life since Thursday. :)

I'm officially signed up with two temp/placement agencies now and hope that they'll be able to help me get something short term so that I can get some money coming into the house this week. I feel myself passing the "I have a little time off and need to get shit done" phase and feel myself starting to slip into the "I am a loser because I don't have a job" thing...danger, Will Robinson! Gotta at least get something going quickly before my spirits really damper. The good news is that I have another interview today with yet another mortgage company. I'm hoping that with all this work at getting a job that I'll end up with multiple offers to choose from, *that* would be sweet!

One of my agencies offers Microsoft certifications/online training for free so I spent quite a few hours doing online training and taking …

Temp work, here I come!

Today and tomorrow my plan is to sign up with some temp agencies so that I can get some money coming back into the house. (And it *really* doesn't help that my final paycheck got lost in the mail...argh!) I've got a couple of agencies that I'm scheduled to meet with and another that I'm pursuing, so that should be enough to get me some short term stuff until I can find permanent status somewhere else. I refuse to take a job out of desperation and being broke!

I had a good (I think, anyway) interview yesterday in Lewisville for a processing or possibly a closing position. The company is huge but the sub-prime division is small and in no way rivals the volume that I was doing at Long Beach, thank the gods! They won't have available positions for 30-45 days which baffles me as to why in the world they're interviewing now. *shrug* One of life's little mysteries, I guess.

I'm still following up on my oustanding resumes and trying to get things moving as far …

Barry = Corporate Goth!

In my search for a job, Barry managed to get hooked up with his very own first day job. He's going to be doing B2B collections which is more like invoice dispute resolution, really. He starts on the 24th so everyone be sure to congratulate him! Go baby!

Did Jen quit her job?

Can I get a resounding YES followed closely by an AMEN! Heh, there's a story there...

Everyone pretty much knows that I've been very unhappy at my company for quite a while now. Loved the job but hated the company, that's been the story of my life for about the last year. No recognition for the hard work and overtime that I was putting positive feedback...watching the people that were family, friends and drinking buddies of management get advanced while nothing happened for me...watching people leave the company and not get replaced thereby forcing those of us left to work that much harder....working incredibly long hours and being too tired to have a life outside my job...the list goes on and on. So finally on the day of the company Xmas party (December 17) I hit my breaking point and at 5:00 on that Friday night I packed my desk and was ready to walk out. (Anyone who knows me knows that I would *never* do this without having another job to go to, especially sinc…

Why is Jenni not replying to her email??

Ahhhh, the thrill of having something broken on my computer and having absolutely no idea why.

My Outlook has decided that it will be happy to retrieve my messages from my mail server but it won't send any outbound mail for me. *sigh* It did this same exact thing about a month ago and I contacted my web host and also my isp but they (in true tech support fashion) both assured me that it was neither of them. Then mysteriously a few days later it started working again so I went about my merry way and figured that it was a glich and it had been fixed. Now here I am again several days into the new outage. I keep hoping that it will magically correct itself but it hasn't yet. Maybe my Outlook is broken...or maybe because I haven't contacted tech support yet, it won't correct itself...either way, I'm relying on my Yahoo account for outbound mail right now. :-(

Okay so I'm gonna check this blog thing out

I have a theory that this will be a good way for my friends/family to keep up with me and what I'm up to. It should ultimately save me time and effort since my group of friends has grown so large that it's impossible to keep up with individual emails to everyone. Now if I can just make sure I take the time to do this, that will be a good and happy thing... :)