Entertainment News: A Social Life?

Teehee, I almost feel like I have a social life that's not birthday-focused for the first time in weeks! :)

Wednesday night, we had tickets to go see Sisters of Mercy at the Gypsy Tea Room and they rocked my lame ass! It's been many years since they even toured and it ended up being a crowd of mostly older goths which was totally fine with me. We all had a group high school flashback and were like little kids cuz we were all so excited to finally get to see them live after all these years of being fans. In spite of the fact that they are notorious for not wanting to play their older stuff, they did play Dominion: Mother Russia, Vision Thing, and Temple of Love. I danced my silly ass off and had a most wonderful time! I saw a bunch of people that I don't normally get to see which was fun too. :)

Last nite we went and did the club thing as per usual for a Thursday night. I think we've picked a new table to haunt for a while since some lame posers who are friends with the worst light guy in the history of the world stole our old table. We're migrating upstairs, which means we will be changing bartenders but our view of the dance floor is *much* better. Also there's room for me to dance right by the table so I don't have to even bother trying to compete with the kids or risking getting hit on by random touristas. My only complaint about the new spot is there is no handy bathroom access...still in all, the chairs are comfier and it's nice to break the routine and get away from that table that has unpleasant memories attached to it. Last nite was the first time I've caught a dance groove at the club in months and it felt SO good! Now maybe I can get into enough shape that I can fit back into the bigger jeans, that would be outstanding! :)

We'll pretty much be home the whole rest of the weekend since B has a dental thing midday today that will have him laid up for a couple of days. Da Jules is coming over today to hang out with me, spend the night, and keep me company while I babysit the B. Tomorrow night, we'll have Kitty as an overnight visitor since Kelly's out of town doing work things. It should be a nice, laid-back weekend which sounds terrific to me! Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!!!


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